Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pocket Letter Swap

I got happy mail yesterday! I received my pocket letter swap

from my dear friend Marianne. 

Big thanks! Made my day. 

This was in one of the pockets. Plastic pouch that was sewn all the 

way around filled with beads, flowers, and bling. Gotta have the bling! 

More bling with my monogram.

Fibers with bee stickers. Nice of Marianne to remember how I love bumble bees. 

Washi tap wrapped around a playing card. That way I can pull it off and 

use it in a project.

She had other things in the pockets as well. Cute little pinwheels, 

some die cuts, a package of tea, and a dark chocolate Ghirardelli

Sea Salt Soiree. Of course that didn't last long! 

Thanks again Marianne! 

Stamping trails

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