Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pocket Letters

I finished off my first Pocket Letter yesterday afternoon. 

What is a pocket letter you ask? 

Well you start by getting a trading card page protector sheet. The kind

that holds nine cards. 

Then you make little pieces of stamped art to fit inside the pockets. 

You can also add little gifts. Let me show you.

I used the envelope punch board to create nine envelopes using Painted Blooms 

designer paper. In one of the envelops I added a little sheet of self stick bling dots. 

Here is another pocket filled with little sheets of designer vellum. 

Close up view of two of the envelopes. 

The cool thing about the pocket letter is that you can fold it into thirds and 

it fits perfectly in a business size envelope. Of course you have to decorate the 

envelope too! I still need to do that and finish filling the little pockets. 

To create the envelopes using the punch board start with

a 5 x 5 piece of designer paper or cardstock. 

Line that up at the 2 1/8 mark. Punch then score. 

Then just complete the punches and scores like you would for any envelope made

with the punch board. 

I would love to do a swap with these. Anybody interested? Let me know. 

Stamping trails

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