Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sunflower Card Box

Well I've been busy with last minute things to do for the bridal shower. 

This is a photo box I picked up at Joann's this weekend. 

I added the burlap strip and sunflower to just the lid. 

The inside is filled with two packages of assorted greeting cards. 

This will be a gift for the Maid of Honor's mom Betty. 

Betty and her daughter Melinda are co-hosting Sarah's bridal shower.
I wanted to give Betty a thank you gift for opening up her house to us. 
Thanks Betty and Melinda! 
For the rest of the week I need to work on thank you cards for Sarah
to fill out after the shower is over. 
While looking up wedding traditions I discovered how the 
"Bridal Shower" got started.
Back in the day fathers of the brides use to provide a dowry for their 
daughters when they got married. However....if the father didn't approve of the 
groom no dowry would be given. In those cases the friends of the bride
would "shower" her with gifts. These would be things that she would 
need to start her married life. 
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