Thursday, August 20, 2015


Skip was very happy that he got corn from his garden this season. 

Of course the racoons tramped on some of it. Darn beasties! 

The corn was very good! Made the last of it last night, and I 

will have corn stalks to decorate the mailbox with. 

I went with Sarah yesterday to her first wedding dress fitting. 

I love the dress and she looks wonderful in it. 

Wish I could share photos, but I can't till after the wedding, as Sarah

doesn't want the dress photos out there yet. Can't blame her for that. 

We both very happy that her Aunt Cheryl was also at the fitting. 

Things are moving right along.

I made my appointment for the surgery pre-screening. That will be on the 

1st of September, then on the 21st I'll be getting the second knee replaced. 

I'll be posting artwork tomorrow for Sketch Frenzy Friday, and on Saturday

there is a VC Rocks blog hop. So be sure to check back. 

Stamping trails

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