Saturday, August 8, 2015

Heart Cookies

Okay the first thing you need to know about a cookie press is the disk shapes. 

I set out to make heart shaped peanut butter cookies for the bridal shower and couldn't

find the heart disk. 

The OXO Good Grip cookie press comes with a set of 12 disks. 

I looked all through them trying to find the heart. I had to look at the box

to make sure I had a heart shaped one. I did see at first that the 

disk shown above was the heart. Go figure. I didn't look like a heart to me! 

I tinted the batter with red food coloring. It didn't get as red as I wanted it

to, but I didn't want to use to much of the food color. 

The press works great. So simple to use. Just push the lever down to dispense

the batter. 

On the sheet and ready to bake. 

All finished. I'm making the lemon sunflower cookies today. No trouble finding that disk as

it looks like a sunflower. 

Speaking of flower.....

My glads are in bloom. 

So pretty! 

Stamping trails

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