Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More Bridal Shower Photos

Sarah and her Maid of honor Melinda. I thought 

it was so cute that Melinda had on a sunflower dress.

Top photo is a shot of the seating for the guests. 

Sarah and her Aunt Cheryl. Cheryl had a knife and cake 

service engraved for her. Cheryl told her it was her first 

family heirloom together.

Sarah holding the card I made. She said she was going to keep it forever. 

Some of the family watching on as she opened gifts. Her

mom in law to be is on the far front left, her cousin Carol is next to her.

Aunt Lisa , Sherry, Aunt Kathy. On the other side far right front Mary Jo,

Aunt Cheryl, me. 

Sarah really was happy with the dishes. This is the completer set. Large platter. 

More gifts. Aunt Lisa front left, Sherry, Aunt Kathy

Front right me, my niece Lily. 

Sarah and Jason met while they were both working at Cedar Point during

Halloweekends. Jason did all the air brushing for the actors. So he met Sarah

while doing her makeup. Sarah's mom in law to be Debbie gave her dawn of the dead

ornaments for their tree to represent when they first met. 

I just love the look on her face in this one. 

and I have some more photos of the decorations. 

Again it was a great day. I'll be back to posting projects tomorrow. 

Sarah came over yesterday afternoon and finished up the thank you cards. She

also took her brother John shopping and he bought a suit to wear to the wedding. 

Now I have to find something! 

Stamping trails

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