Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bridal Shower Pictures

Sarah had a wonderful time at her bridal shower on Sunday. 

Her dad said she looked so good he had to take her picture right away. 

Her maid of honor out did herself with all the decorations and food. 

Entry way with photo table.

Dining room table. We later put out all the bridal favors along the center, but

I forgot to take a photo of that. The maid of honor Melinda had the great idea to fill

the dress boxes with chocolate covered sunflower seeds to stay with Sarah's theme.

Silverware caddy.  Sarah's special glass is off to the left side. 

I wanted to show you the table before the food was placed on it. 

The platter on the front left was painted by Melinda to look like a large sunflower. 

Sarah going first to fill her plate. 

There was a lot of last minute chopping done to get all the food on the table. 

We had a fruit, and veggie tray, deviled eggs, salmon quiche, homemade pesto made

with basil from Sarah's garden, spinach dip, several different humus, chips, baguettes, spicy 

crab dip that was put into cucumber cups (I did those with cukes from our garden),

of course the lemon spritz cookies (which I will post the recipe for tomorrow as I've

had several requests for it), and mini cheesecakes. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, oh

cucumber/mint infused water, and home made sangria. 


We had most of the party outside since is was a great day. 

Melinda decorated the arbor with sunflowers and curtains on either side of it. 

Gift table. This was set up under the arbor. 

Sarah sitting in her chair. Everyone loved the banner I made for it. 

Opening gifts. 

Lots of stuff to open. She received lots of wonderful things to fill

her kitchen with. She so wanted to replace all the old stuff that Jason had from his

collage days. 

New dishes. That's her Aunt Cheryl next to her. 

Sarah sitting with her grandma Kate. Next to Kate is Great Aunt Fran. 

Melinda on the left showing her pet to my nieces Lily (center), and Autumn. 

My only regret is I didn't get enough photos. I'll have to check with Melinda to see

the ones she took. I don't think we took any with me and Sarah just together. 

Thanks again to Melinda and her Mom Betty for hosting the party. 

Thanks to all the family that came to share Sarah's joy, and thanks to all my 

friends who couldn't be here, but remembered Sarah on her special day. 

And one more person I have to thank....dear hubby Skip. I forgot to 

take the salmon over so I called him and he brought it to us so we could make the 

quiche. Thanks honey! 

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