Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sunflower Guest Book Pens

So I made two pen to be used for the quest book. 

I think I like the one with the smaller sunflower the best, but

I'll let Sarah decide.

I like the white lace that is printed on the burlap for this pen. 

Thanks to my friend Kat for sending me some navy blue ribbon. Looks

better with it. Make the flower pop.

Here is a close view of the larger sunflower pen. 
Did you know that traditionally the wedding guest book was 
a legal necessity. Historically everyone who attended the wedding were
witnesses of the union and had to sign the marriage document.  When
that was no longer required the guest book was started, and became 
a wonderful reminder for the married couple of who attended their wedding. 
I did get some new clothes yesterday when me and hubby went to Khol's. We
also got a coupon to use this weekend for 10 dollars off a 30 dollar purchase. 
Guess I'll have to go back. I do need shoes....and what girl doesn't? 
Happy Birthday wishes to my dear friend Marianne who celebrated her
birthday yesterday. Also Birthday Wishes to my dear friend Connie who's
birthday is today. Hope you enjoyed your special day ladies! 
Stamping trails

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I like the small sunflower one too. Beautiful job on both though.

Love, Kat