Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bridal Shower Day

Today is Sarah's Bridal Shower. 

This is the banner I made to put on her chair. 

The banner pieces were from an older SU kit. 

I added the embellishments. Then I had to add some 

photos of her. Love the little baby picture of her holding 

a story book. How perfect is that....the story of the bride.

The flowers at the ends of the banner were made

using strips from my wedding dress, and I found

the sunflower buttons hiding in my large button box. 

Yesterday morning I made lemon sunflower cookies. 

I was happy that they came out so well. Of course Skip tried one and

wanted me to make extra for him so I ended up making a two batches. 

Thank goodness for the cookie press, and my Kitchen Aid. 

Stamping trails

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Patricia Gessner said...

Everything looks lovely and those cookies are pretty and looking like they are delicious. Could you possibly share the recipe?