Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snow, Fruit Bowl, and Flower Card

First snow of the new year came early yesterday morning during rush

hour traffic. 

We had some nice big fluffy flakes, and brrr it was cold in the lower 20's.

Glad I didn't have to go anywhere. It was nice just to sit and watch it fall. 

I received this beautiful fruit bowl for Christmas. Goes so well

with my wine/grape theme kitchen decor. And I have a flower card to share....

I made these on Sunday using Botanical Blooms and was going 

to post them for Mailable Monday, but I liked the Timeless Texture card that

I posted better, so lets just say these two cards didn't make the cut for Mailable Monday even

though they are stamped on just a base card. 

Need to go out this morning and hit the grocery store. Went through the pantry, fridge, and 

freezer yesterday and I'm out of quite a few things.

I'm also working on cleaning up one thing a day. Yesterday it was the hall closet. I'm thinking

if I clean out and go through something each day I won't be overwhelmed when Spring cleaning

rolls around.

Stamping trails

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