Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Be Mine Popcorn Cover, and the Cat

So how about a heart covered popcorn packet to give to your sweetie for 

Valentines Day? 

The cover is made with gray cardstock. 

January's PP kit was used for the heart. I the heart about 2 inches from the top center, 

and glued the edges together to make the flat heart into a 3d one. 

I like how the sequins fit perfectly on the clothes pin. 

Hubby came home from work yesterday, and ate dinner. Then he

laid down on the couch and went to sleep. Of course Cherokee favorite 

spot is on the couch so she joined him for a nap. 

Now my four legged daughter knows where her cat food is, and

when she wants to be fed she rolls around really cute like in front of the cupboard. 

I'm just being cute mom.....

Well now you are just taking to long to get the hint that I'm hungry so

I'm going to go to sleep. Big yawn! 

And Emily wearing her scrubs. She stopped by after class on Friday. 

I got this pic of her and Cherokee. They are cute! 

Stamping trails

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