Thursday, February 2, 2017

Look at our new Red Door!

We got a new door! 

I was a second guessing the red I picked out, but

I'm not anymore. Just thrilled with it!

Love the decorative glass at the top, and latch handle instead

of a doorknob. 

They installed all the trim around the door, both inside and out, and

even a new kick plate. 

The inside of the door is painted a smokey slate color. 

The glass at the top lets in so much light! 

Here is a closer look at the glass without all the glare from the light. 

So now when the weather warms up we need to replace the white picket fence and

re-landscape the flower bed. Its it always the way? You replace one thing 

and that leads to it making something else look bad. Then you have to 

replace something else...Love this roller coaster ride they call LIFE!

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