Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy Birthday to my Honey

Sending a happy birthday shout out to my hubby

Skip. He is turning 60 today! 

The family is getting together for 

spaghetti dinner. I'll post pics


Friday we had record high temps. Got

up to 74!!! I went out walked, and took

photos of the flowers. 

I have wild crocuses scattered throughout the front lawn.

The yellow ones are my favorite. 

Another cluster of them. 


More tulips. 

Little wiggly worm taking a crawl across the back deck. 

Then of course after Friday the sh** hit the fan,

and the temp dropped and we got some snow. 

Didn't stick but it has been cold all weekend. 

Good thing I'm making the nice spicy spaghetti for dinner! 
Stamping trails

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