Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pinwheels, and Bunny Butt

Back again with that Spring theme flip bag I was working on earlier

in the week. I made some cute little things to put with it. 

Check out the pinwheel. I used the same designer 

paper that was used on the bag. I layered 

the pinwheel on a doily then glued to a paper straw. 

This started out to be just a bunny butt, but

I decided to make a entire back view of the bunny. 

Made with circle, and oval punches. The little 

teardrop that is on the bunny paws was done with 

the tree builder punch. 

I had to make a pinwheel to put on a paper clip too. 

Love how all of this just goes together! 

So it was 74 here yesterday. Can you believe that!

I went for a walk. Then sat on the back deck wearing a jeans and 

a t-shirt, and got caught up on some phone calls. 

Nice talking to all my gal pals! 

Of course it all went to pot as the temp dropped, 

and a snow and rain mix moved right in! Ah

the joys of living in Ohio. If you don't like the weather

just give it a few minutes as its bound to change. 

I'm going to be busy making meatballs today. 

Having the family over for a big spaghetti dinner tomorrow

to celebrate hubby's birthday. Thank goodness

Sarah is taking care of the cake. One less thing for me to do. 

Stamping trails

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