Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Been A Long Time.....

Since I've posted. Haven't been stamping. Too busy working, cleaning, and getting my workouts in. My daughter Sarah has been helping me list things on Ebay. That's a chore, but I'll be getting some money, and cleaning out some old stamping supplies at the same time. So that's a good thing.

I'd like to thank Kat for sending me these cute heart shaped photo holders. Work great for displaying artwork also. Which is what I'll be using them for. The cards shown are artwork also made by Kat. Love the flocked large heart. She told me that this is the first time she has used flock. Good job Kat!!!! The monkey card is just too darn stinking cute!!!!

I will be getting in some stamping tonight. Tomorrow is Chrissy's Belli challenge day so I need to get busy and make a card tonight.

Weather has been great the past two days. Temps in the upper 50's. Tomorrow is suppose to go even higher into the 60's! YAY I've been walking around the lake at work during my lunch break because it's been to nice to stay indoors. Just loving it!!!!! It's about one mile to walk around the lake that is part of MTD's property. It's great that they have it. Lots of work too! Steep hills. Really get in a workout.

Till tomorrow

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Karen 213

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