Sunday, February 15, 2009


My friend Karen and her daughter Sarah (how funny we have the same name and our daughters are also named the same) came over this afternoon to stamp. We made these adorable bunny baskets and candy bar wrappers.

Basket is 5 x 5 piece of Pretty in Pink cardstock. Bunnies are made using punches: 1 3/8 face, 1/2 circle cheeks, 1/4 circle eyes and nose, small and large oval punch for ears, 1/4 square for teeth. So cute and easy to do!

So Saturday me and hubby went to the Home and Garden show. That was fun. In the center of the building there is a built in Farris wheel. It goes outside of the building at the very top. It's enclosed with a clear roof so you can see out, when the weather is nice it's opened. Anyway I'm not much for rides as I really get motion sick. Skip talked me into going on. I did okay, but was pretty shaky in the legs when I got off.
This pic was taken at the top of the Ferris wheel. Skip held the camera out in front of us to take the pic.
I have tomorrow off work so I'm spending the entire day stamping. Can't wait!!!!!! I have lots of projects lined up that have been calling my name but I just haven't found the time.
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Debby said...

OMG! Those bunnies are just to darn cute. I did some bunny ones last year but the basket is different. They was so fun to make.
You still have color in your face so you was doing good up there. I would of been white as a sheet, never scared of heights until I went in an airplane with really bad turbulence. Cured me! I also get weak in the knees.
Angel hugs

Stace said...

Karen, you are looking so much smaller! Soon you need to put a new photo of yourself on the top of your web page. I fell off the WW wagon for a couple weeks (life was rough at home) but I am getting back on today. Glad I saw your photo to inspire me some more!!!