Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cereal and New Paper

Okay I have to share why I posted a pic of a piece of cereal on my kitchen floor. Very simple my family are pigs!!!! They never pick up anything unless I ask them to. This piece of cereal which is not mine has been laying on the kitchen floor for the past 7 days. I'm waiting for one of them to notice it and pick it up. Not like its under a chair or anything. It's in plain sight. You would think that three adults with good eyesight would see it there and throw it away. I work all day come home to there dishes in the sink, on the counter and have to clean before I can even start dinner. At night the kitchen is cleaned because I for one can't stand dirty dishes in the sink, but each morning when I get up what do I find? Glasses, bowls, and silverware from the midnight raid on the kitchen. Hubby works second shift so I have his beer bottle and cap on the counter, kids eat at different times as well. Okay I'm done venting. Not easy living with three grown pigs (they are not little piggys anymore they are grown) I should post a counter on the blog showing the number of days that the cereal has been on the floor. To bad I don't have a dog I'm sure he would pick it up.

I did get some happy mail the other day. I pre-ordered some of the new BasicGrey paper. Of course I had to have the stamp set too. It has an elephant stamp, and I just love elephants. Got a good price on the matching brads so I had to have those too.
Tomorrow is weigh in. I'll keep you posted on the results.
I need to get some sleep. I must have pulled a muscle in my hip it sure does hurt. It was hard working today as I'm a phone operater and I have to sit to type up orders. I could barely get out of the car by the time I got home from work.
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Karen 208


Anonymous said...

I hope that before the cheerio gets stepped on and crushed and spread, someone will pick it up! Know just how you feel!


mamichelle said...

Too funny! I have to tell you...I have the same situation. It's me, my hubby, my mom and my 19 yo. son. I am the one who cooks, does laundry (95% of the time), etc. I have a pet peeve about the dish rack. If you're going to hand wash, be sure to put it away in the a.m. after it dries. My mom does not. I do it EVERY day. I'm sure that cheerio would be sitting on my wood floors for a long time.

Joan Ervin said...

I feel your pain, Sistah!!! I have left things on the floor, too, and ended up picking them up myself because my DH just walks around them....gotta love him, though...he puts gas in my car and does the grocery shopping!! I love all your happy mail, too...nothing like having Mr. Brown visit to chase away the blues!!!

Stace said...

I must live with relatives of yours LOL Cereal could sit for weeks on our floor before someone picked it up. Our dog wont eat things but we got a cat in Sept and she will eat anything off the floor.

How did your weigh in go Thursday. I lost 2.6 lbs! I was glad because for two weeks the scale was going the wrong direction! Keep sharing and inspiring.

Kimm said...

Karen I had to giggle at your cereal issue. Been there girlfriend! Congrats on all your weight loss! Kimm