Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Big Birthday wishes mom!!!! I took the day off and spent a good part of the day with her today. Mom is 77 today. I brought her breakfast, and cake early this morning. Then we browsed through some quilting magazines. Mom loves to quilt but since the last stoke she has lost all use of her right hand, and arm. She does still enjoy looking at them and watching me sew. Next I did her nails and we enjoyed some pampering with body lotion. After touring around the nursing home 4 times (hey I had to burn off my breakfast!) we joined in a game of TV trivia, and a piano sing-a-long. I also made a hair appointment for her to get a shampoo and cut this Thursday. So we had a great morning. Only thing I'm kicking myself about is I forgot the camera. Darn it all!!!!

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Karen 213

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Debby said...

That is awesome you took the day off to spend with your Mom, Karen. Wish her a Happy Birthday for me.
Angel hugs