Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching Up.

I have just not found the time to stamp. I was really hoping to this weekend, but I really needed to clean my house. I also went to visit mom, and went up to the school that my hubby works at and had the gym to myself. So I worked out a lot. Saturday we also went to the mall and did some power walking. I'm beat!!!!!!

I've received some questions from my loyal readers that I wanted to answer. Hoping tomorrow later in the day I'll have time to stamp and post some artwork.

Question one: Where did I find the fibers for the bunny card I made?

These fibers are Heat Bondable and are called Angelina fibers. You can purchase them at

I found them at a Rubber Stamp convention last April. So cool! Come in many different colors are very easy to use.

Question two: Since I've lost so much weight why don't I change the picture of me and my stamp room? Well there are two reasons why I don't. It serves as a good reminder to me every time I login to my blog, and two I think it's easier for new readers to compare new pictures that I post to see one of me before I started on Weight Watchers.

Hope that clears it up!

Tomorrow is FAT TUESDAY!!!!! Well for me everyday is fat!!! LOL. Anyway we are having a pot luck at work. Although I did make my high in demand sloppy joe's I will be bringing my own lunch. Someone is bringing a fruit tray so I'll enjoy that. Not going to pig out. Now last year I would have jumped right in and been first in line. So happy that I'm in control of food now instead of food being in control of me.

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