Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your "sweetie" gets you something really nice, or does something really nice for you today!

I didn't do any crafting yesterday. Sarah came over at noon. I made her lunch then we went out shopping all afternoon. Stopped by and visited with Skip's mom Kate since we were by her house. Sarah and John hadn't seen her since Christmas time, so we all enjoyed the visit. After that it was back home for dinner. Sarah enjoyed having "mom" make her two home cooked meals in one day.

Just wanted to share some Valentines that I received with you. Above card was made by Connie. I like the shade of kraft cardstock used for this. Connie is that a Hollo's cardstock?

And this card was made by Kat. I love the embossing folder used for this card. Also like the fact that just part of the circle layers were cut.
Thanks for the cards girls!

Skip is working day shift the next two days to cover for a co-worker. I plan to start some of my Spring cleaning today, and hit the grocery store. Skip asked me yesterday what I wanted for Valentines Day. I told him to surprise me so we will see what he comes up with.

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