Friday, April 18, 2014

Cold Weather and a One Eyed Cat

Just wanted to post a few pictures. 

This one was taken on the 16th of April.

That's right April!

We had snow on the 15th and a few days of cold

temps in the 30's. I took the picture of the icicle hanging 

from the sliding glass door. 

This is a picture of the next door neighbor's cat. 

They have four of them and they are all outside cats. 

When our cat Burbank died last year the other cats took over our yard. 

If you click on this photo you can see that this cat has only one eye. 

It scares me some mornings as it will be looking through the sliding glass

door with that one large yellow eye he has. 

Well bad news on the window install. Part of the new windows was the trim,

that we contracted to have installed around each new window. Well that wasn't written in

the contract (bad us for not catching it)

So the installers called the company and they spoke to the salesman.

After all was said and done they are going to honor what we were told.

Now for the bad news....because of the oversight we now have to wait till

May 6th to start the install. I'm happy we are going to get what was agreed to,

but bummed out about the longer wait time. Plus we had to move things around

to clear the windows and had to put things back due to family coming for Easter dinner.

Its always something! I spoke to my nephew Eric today. He said his new motto..."it is what it is".

So true.

Stamping trails

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