Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mixed up Cactus

Okay...remember my Christmas cactus that thinks

its a Halloween/Thanksgiving cactus and blooms at the end of 


Well that same cactus is really mixed up this time. 

Look what I found on it while I was giving it a drink......

a single bud that is going to bloom. 

Hmmm.....maybe it wants to be an Easter cactus now.

Or maybe it is jealous of all the crocus that was blooming in the yard....

or maybe the tulips coming up. 

I'm puzzled as it has never done this before. 

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Cheryl said...

Karen I have a pink, white, and red Christmas/thanksgiving (?) cactus. I live in the northeast so I bring the cactus indoors in the fall also for the winter...well guess what blooms all winter? And pretty much year round! I do not think it knows what it is, for that matter, neither do I! So just enjoy the blooms! Oh I keep it in the Southeast facing window.

Krafting Karen said...

thanks for the tips Cheryl. I never thought to take it outside during the warmer months as I have it by the kitchen sliding glass door which gets the morning sun.