Thursday, February 5, 2015

More Hearts

More hearts today. 

As I'm writing this (Wednesday night) its snowing really hard! 

Big white wet fluffy flakes have been coming down for several hours. 

We are expected to get up to another 7 inches. I checked on a package 

that was suppose to be delivered by the end of the day Wednesday and see

that it is now due to arrive today due to extreme bad weather. 

Ah the joys of living in Northeast Ohio! 

I had my ortho appointment yesterday morning. For those who remember 

Dr. Smith on Lost in Space......I keep thinking what he always said "oh the pain, the pain"

The x-rays hurt, the exam hurt, but after all was said and done I'm approved to 

have the first replacement done. Just waiting for the office to get back to 

me so I can set a date. 

Oh and another thing the doctor said to me that made me want to jump for joy......

I'm no longer considered obese....I'm now officially overweight.
Now some people might be offended by being called overweight. Not me!!!
I've been classified as being obese since my daughter Sarah was born...nearly 33 years ago. 
So I can live with, and be happy about being called overweight! 
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