Sunday, February 15, 2015

Snow, Lasagna, and Valentine's Day

I got lots of photos to share today. 

Here are the salt and pepper elephants I told you about yesterday. 

Here they are with the trunks apart. 

And with there bodies together. The sides are flat so they can stand side to side. 

Our lasagna came out really good yesterday. Had fun making it with hubby. 

If you look close on the left hand side you will see a bit of yellow. That is American cheese. 

Hubby likes it on his, so we only put it on one half. 

We got Valentine's Day snow. It was snowing so hard yesterday morning that

it was a white out. I couldn't see the other side of the street from the upstairs window because it

was snowing so hard. I felt bad for Sarah and Jason as they were going to go out, but due

to the snow they spent the day in, and spent time shoveling. I need to get them a snow thrower. 

Sarah did make chicken co don bleu for their dinner. She said Jason got her flowers and candy. 

Speaking of Sarah and Jason....they didn't win the Valentine photo contest in the local paper, but they 

did receive the second highest number of votes for our city. So that was pretty cool! 

I don't know if you can see the temp clearly on this but Skip wanted to take a photo. He has 

the thermometer attached to the fence outside the front door. 

and the last photo I have to share today is Cherokee. She'll be 

one year old next month. Such a pretty little girl! 

Stamping trails

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