Thursday, March 12, 2015

Artisan Box

For today's project I covered the box that the Artisan kit comes it. 

Its a nice plastic box and I thought it was to nice of a box just to 

throw out after I had finished using the kit. 

I have lots of birthdays coming up so I think this will be perfect to

present a gift in. 

I had a gel shot injection yesterday. I must say that the shot really hurt this time around.

I have two more to get in the same knee over the next two weeks. 

This morning I'll be heading over to Medina hospital. I have to have a 

pre-surgery screening. At least the weather will be good. It got up to 50 yesterday,

and today they are saying up to 52. YAY. 

I'm glad for any warmer temps I can get. I talked to Sarah 

yesterday morning. She told me her tulips and daffodils were coming up. 

Stamping trails

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