Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Isn't this card cute!!!!

Thanks to my friend Kat for sending it to me. 

I didn't get to making a St. Paddy's day card this year. 

I'll be glad when the knee surgery is over and I have recovered. 

I swear lately I have no desire to do much of anything. 

I'm trying to stay positive but some days it is hard to do. 

I have corn beef and cabbage simmering away in the crockpot today. 

It will be ready later when Skip comes home for dinner. 

It was so nice here yesterday 63 degrees if you can believe that. 

But of course the temps fell overnight and its only going to be in the 40's for the

rest of the week, and rain today. 

I have to go to the Medina hospital today, Thursday, and next Monday to

get IV's. Since my hemoglobin in just a tad low they are trying to bring

it up before the surgery. 

Sarah and Jason came to visit on Sunday. We ordered pizza and talked about the wedding. 

Sarah did find the perfect wedding dress. She got a good deal on it also. 

Was 34 hundred, but only cost her 8 hundred. She still needs 

to decide on the veil, and shoes. Plus another at least details, but it is coming together. 

Stamping trails

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