Friday, March 20, 2015

Just Sharing

Well did you ever have one of those weeks where every time 

you tried to stamp or craft anything it just felt forced? 

Well that is me this week. I've started on several things and 

nothing has really felt right. 

Its been a rough week. I've had to go

get two IV's done. One on Tuesday and the other on 

Thursday. Last one is this coming Monday. I'm getting

more iron pumped into me before the knee surgery on the 30th. 

Then on Wednesday I had to get the second gel shot in the left knee. 

I feel like a walking pin cushion, and I'm sure if I drink anything 

I'll be leaking from all the "pin" pricks. 

I have a shout of of thanks to my friend Kat who sent me a 

goodie box. I received it yesterday and it did wonders for 

my spirit. Lots of hand stamped cards, and crispy m&m's. YUM. 

I did get to see some crocus in bloom out in the grass when we 

came home from the hospital. So that was a great lift. Always

nice to see some flowers. Sure sign of Spring. And speaking of Spring

happy first day of Spring, of course here in the Northeast we are

expecting rain/snow mix and colder temps today. Can't

wait to move to TX! 

I did want to share a rare photo of my son John. He 

doesn't like to be in photos. Here he is holding Cherokee,

Skip is in the background. So proud of John as he has lost over

100 pounds. Way to go! 

So I've typed enough. I'm hoping I get some stamping energy soon. As 

I have great new stuff to play with. 

Stamping trails

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