Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another Tag, Happy Birthday, and Vacation

I made another tag. This one is just layers of ink

over some stencils. 

Stamp set Live with an Open Heart by SU. 

I have an idea to make a tag book using the black and white family photos

that were past to me from my mom. Some of them she didn't even know 

who they were, but I hate the thought of throwing them out so I'm going 

to make the book. I've been gathering things together and I'm almost ready to get started on it. 

Big SHOUT OUT to my friend Kat who is celebrating her birthday today. 

Hope you have an awesome day Kat, and get lots of goodies. If you have cake

eat a piece for me! 

Yesterday was the first day of hubby's vacation. We took a walk around the lake. 

I have photos to share so I'll be posting those tomorrow. We saw a blue heron and 

were able to get some photos of it. 

Tonight we are going to the drive in. They are playing some "throwback" movies

Smokey and the Bandit, and Death Race 2000. Those should be good

drive in movies. 

Stamping trails

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