Wednesday, June 29, 2016

First Harvest of the Season

We harvested our first crop of the season. 

This is a new crop for us. Hubby has never planted radishes before.
They grew very well. Only thing...I really don't care for radishes. 
I found a recipe on the web to saute them. So I tried that today on the

grill, and they were actually good that way. 

And forget the old saying "knee high by the 4th of July". Our corn

is up past my chest. 

It is growing so well. The whole garden is doing well. 

We should be able to harvest the potatoes next. That is another new crop for us.
The Brunswick fair starts tomorrow. We are going to go this year, but I'm not
sure which day. They will be shooting fireworks off on Saturday. Its always so
cool as you can see them very well from our backyard. 
Stamping trails


Catherine Kraft said...

FYI I tried roasting them in the oven with other veggies. I had heard they taste somewhat like potatoes. They were quite good and low on carbs which I have to worry about.

Krafting Karen said...

That is a great idea to roast them with other veggies. I still have some of them left....I'm going to try mixing them with other veggies on the grill. Thanks!