Sunday, June 5, 2016

Crazy Bird Bookmark

Today I have a crazy bird bookmark to show you, and info on how I colored it. 

Love how I had ribbon in my sash to match the flower sequins I used to fill

the shaker. Of course I used my new fuse tool with a page protector to make 

the sleeve for the bookmark. 

Close up view of the coloring. I also used Gorgeous Grunge stamp set on the background. 

I broke out the Prismacolor pencils! I bought this 120 count set years ago, and 

did use them some but not as much as I thought I would. After working with them

again I've decided that I'll be using them much more. 

Tools for coloring/blending.

You need some blending stumps, sandpaper, baby oil, sharpener, and an ink tray. 
There are several different ways to shade using the pencils, but I'm finding the baby oil
works very well, and doesn't cost much. I got this big bottle at the dollar store. 
Sandpaper is used to get the color off the stumps when you change colors. Since 
I have lots of stumps I think I'm just going to dedicate  them for each color family. 

Everything (except the baby oil) was found in the art dept at Pat Catan's, 

but you can find these in any craft store with an art dept.

I found a wonderful video on Utube on coloring with Prisma. 

You can check it out here

This woman does an awesome job showing just how to color and shade

with the pencils. 

Stamping trails

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