Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Mailbox was Running Over!

I had such a happy mail day! This is my first pocket letter swap from 

the Pocket Letter Pals on FaceBook. Monique made this one for me. 

So pretty. Love all the pinks, and gold. 

She wrapped it up really pretty with pink tissue paper. She

also used washi tape to wrap it up. Oh and she also used the tape on the

outside of her envelope. Thanks for the great idea Monique! I have a ton of washi tape, so

this is a great way for me to start using it.

Photo of the back with neat little supplies. 

I really loved the tassel she made. Great add on for the side of the letter. 

Thanks Monique! 

Did I say happy mail day? Yes I did. My friend Kat also sent me a pack of 

cards. Same design in all different colors with different greetings inside. 
Thank Kat! 

Did I say happy mail day? Yes I did! 

I also received the last of the swaps that I am hosting. I'll be showing photos

of those later as I want the swappers to receive there swaps first before I share them on the blog. 

And there were a few more artist trading cards in the mail box. 

Yup my mailbox was thrilled, and so was I! 

Stamping trails

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