Friday, June 17, 2016

Mason Jar Banner

I made a banner for my kitchen hutch using a mason jar die, 

and themed wine designer paper. 

I cut out 10. The jar lids were cut using corrugated cardboard I got

from a box. After sponging the edges with brown ink they were

added to the jars with pop dots. 

No stamping was done on the jars. The the edges were sponged. 

I thought the paper was to pretty to be stamped on. 

The jars were then attached to twine using mini clothes pins. 

It was very muggy yesterday, and we got lots of rain. 

At least the garden didn't need to be watered. 

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Pat said...

Love your banner! I think Mason jars are my favorite and I like your paper and the use of cardboard. I love to use things like that.