Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Susan Hambley Nature Center

We went walking at the Susan Hambley Nature Center last week. 

Just wanted to share photos. Its a little wooden path that is part

of Brunswick Lake. 

This marker is at the front of the park along with......

this little bridge. 

View of the lake. I'm happy to say that the city completed the bike

path and it now goes around the entire lake. You can see the Towne Center on the other side.
 Can't wait till I've worked up

to riding my bike that far. 

Look! Skip caught a photo of a blue heron. We first hear it land and I knew

whatever it was it was bigger than the ducks, and geese that hang out around the lake. 

It made a large splash when it hit the water. 

He also caught a photo of the heron taking off. 

Our favorite tree in the park. It is so tall! Still haven't figured out what type 

of tree it is. 

Awww hubby gives the tree a hug. 

Tried to get a photo showing just how tall the tree is, but I didn't capture it. 

We are taking a little drive to old Brooklyn today. Going to 

visit a fun store that I have been wanting to go to for some time now. 

I'll be back with pics of that later. 

Stamping trails

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