Friday, June 3, 2016

New Car

Hubby bought me a new car. 

Its a Subaru Forester in pearl blue. 

We are both happy to have it. 

Still learning how to work everything. The manual

that came with the car is big enough to choke a horse. 

It has a rear camera that comes on when you put it in reverse. 

The salesman who is also in our age group advised us not to 

use it and just backup as we were taught. 

Clean 4 cylinder engine. It has some power to it. Only

had 12 miles on when we picked it up on Tuesday. 

All I could think of was the old Subaru ad campaign....Whoop-dee-do for my Subaru. 

I'm so old!!!!!

Zoom, zoom

1 comment:

Ellen B said...

Good for you! Love my Subarus :) When I moved to an Outback a couple of years ago, I felt the same way. Now, as someone in your age group, having a backup camera is great - but did take getting used to. I use it *with* the normal look-around. Very nice because the camera will pick up things I can't see (below my sight-line). It's also very handy for parking!
ENJOY that Forester! They are such a blast to drive!