Tuesday, December 6, 2016

At the Mall

We took a trip to the Stongsville Mall on Saturday.

Got lunch, walked around and checked out all 

the Christmas decor. 

This is Santa's workshop. Brought to you by Pat Catan's. 

Loved all the snow covered trees. You 

can just get a glimpse of Santa through them. 

Two little girls are visiting with him. So cute!

I snapped a few photos while going up the 


Pretty poinsettias.

Of course at the mall had to check out the pet store.

I just want to take all of them home!

Check out the long hair curly kittens. So cute! 

I also wanted to take this sleepy fellow home. 

So pretty!

My laptop needs to be reformatted. It still won't connect to the internet.

John was so sweet he gave me his laptop and said Merry Christmas. 

He is done with it as his class time that he needed it for is finished. 

He is still going to try to fix mine, but just between us I like his better:)

Stamping trails 

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