Monday, December 12, 2016

Cookie Baking Time

Yesterday was cookie making day. 

It was perfect. Cold outside and the snow falling. 

Wonderful day to stay in a warm kitchen and bake. 

John and Emily made the

satin sugar cookies. 

Lots of frosting, and sugar sprinkles. 

John made a monster cookie. 

Sarah mixing ginger cookies with a pastry cutter. 

Rolling the dough. 

John put a flour hand print on Emily's shirt. 

Getting ready to cut. 

The snow started to pile on.

Skip had to go shovel. 

See how happy he is! 

First time this season the shovel had to be taken out. 

I'm hoping to have a white Christmas this year. The past

two years we didn't have snow. 

Thanks to John, Sarah, and Emily for coming

over to bake with me! 

I didn't get them all finished, so I'll

be doing some more baking today, and tomorrow. 

Stamping trails

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