Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Cards from Friends

Just sharing a few cards that I've received

from friends. 

This one was made by Marianne. Love the red suit! 

Kathy made this one. It is really cool as 

the upper layer folds back to expose some pine cones

and boughs on the bottom layer. I'm kicking myself

now because I didn't take of picture of that. Trust me 

it is awesome!

Card from Amber. Thanks for thinking of me Amber. 

Amber just moved to CA. Hope you are enjoying yourself there! 

Lisa made this one. Cute stockings just waiting to be filled....

and for those of you who remember...last year I couldn't find

the family stockings to hang. Well I didn't find them this year either. 

I think when the weather warms up I'm going to get hubby to

take a trek to the crawl space and go through all the boxes. 

I'm thinking big yard sale! 

A new friend Kathleen made this one. Just love it! 

Reminds me of the Spirograph I had as a kid. So

elegant in white and gold. 

Another new friend I met this year and is my birthday twin Cindy

made this one.

Thanks to all my friends who made beautiful cards and sent

them to me. You gals rock! 
If you didn't see your card here I didn't forget about you!
Be back tomorrow to post a few more. 
Baked the last batch of cookies yesterday afternoon. 
Then I scoured the sink, scrubbed the stove, and swept the floor. 
The kitchen really needed it! 
Today is Winter Solstice. I've been hearing the humming for days now.
I must not be drawn to the standing stones...or should I run to them? 
My Outlander friends will get the reference. 

Stamping trails

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