Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!

Thank you to my friend Kat for sending me this very elegant Mother's

day card. So pretty! 

I spent Wednesday with my daughter Sarah, and she made me

buckwheat waffles, and sausage for breakfast. YUM!

We macerated some blueberries with agave, and lemon zest to have instead 
of syrup. We are sweet enough right? Topped it off with some sliced strawberries, and whip cream. 
After breakfast she treated me to a new hair style. I know I need to post photos of the cut hair, 
but I haven't taken one yet, and I'm not to good at taking selfies. 
I did take some pics of her yard. The hostas are really pretty, and so full. 

Nice pop of blue leading into her backyard. 

seedlings waiting to be planted in the garden.

purple tulips. 


had to take a photo of her dog Bear. He is such a sweetie! 

and here he is waiting for a treat. 
We took him for a walk around the block after the hair salon. He walks
really well on a leash. 

Here is a find that I got at Trader Joe's in Crocker Park. 

Couldn't pass them up for .99 cents, and elephants on the front. 

These things are awesome! Taste like Cap'n Crunch peanut butter cereal without

the sugar. Of course these had to be opened in the car and eaten on the road. 

We also hit the Pat Catan in Bay Village. That store is so large!!!!! 

They are selling the Gemini now which is a good thing as I had to replace my

magnetic mat. 

Here is the old one. I ran the dies the wrong way three different times. 

Well when you do that it cuts the mat instead of hitting the clear plates. 

This morning me and John are heading out to the movies. Catching an early

show to see the new Avengers movie. Then going to get some lunch. 

Hope everyone enjoys the day. I know I will. 

Stamping trails

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