Monday, May 21, 2018

Vintage Paper Doll ATC, and Doe a Deer

So the power went off Saturday night. Wasn't 

out for long. I went around and set all the clocks

except for the one in the bedroom. It was flashing when I 

went to bed, and I figured hubby would set it. 

Well I was wrong. All he did was hit it so it would stop flashing. 

I woke up at 4 this morning looked at the clock and it was showing 7 am. 

So I got up. I was thinking it was odd because it was still very dark outside. 

I made coffee and watched some recorded shows as I wasn't about to go back to bed. 

I was wide awake at this point. Sometime later I opened the curtains in the kitchen, 
discovered the deer was back. This time taking a rest in the yard. 

I opened up the window, and took some photos. She didn't move just

looked at me while I talked to her. I think she has adopted us. 

I was bored yesterday afternoon, and made some more trading cards. 

These are all vintage using Tim Hotlz paper dolls. 

Closer look at the boy with the bike. 

I think the little school girls are my favorite. 

and the couple taking a tour to Paris. 

I still don't have my car. We went to pick it up on Saturday only to 

find out that one of the dents was not even touched. Not going into detail

about it, but needless to say I'm pretty upset. The owner of the body shop

said he would have it fixed by Wednesday. Well we dropped it off last Monday so

he has already had it for a week. I'm thinking it won't be ready to pick up till this Saturday. 

Okay I'm done venting. 

Stamping trails

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