Saturday, May 12, 2018

Look Ma no Stamping Shaker Card

Made this butterfly shaker card with some leftover pattern paper.
Cut a small window where I wanted to create the shaker. 
The lower butterfly was cut out twice. First one was popped 
over the printed one on the layer. The next one was attached only
in the center with glue dots. 
You can see in this photo how that added a 3d effect to the butterfly. 

Yesterday was a lot cooler than the past two days. I had to break out my

winter coat again (can you believe that!) When I took my walk. My head

has been clogged up for days now with all the pollen in the air. Never use to have

allergies, but since I'm older I developed them. Another thing to love about getting older.....


Sending a shout out to my friend Lisa who has been in pain due to migraines. Hoping

you get to feeling better soon Lisa! 

Stamping trails

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