Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Paper Doll Princess

Made a few more artist trading cards. 

This one was made with Julie Nutting's Play

Time stamp set. So cute! What little 

girl didn't like paper dolls? 

I know I loved them, and still do. 

I want to talk circles. 

Is it me or is it the stamping industry that is out to get me? 

See those cute little buttons on the card? 

You would think that with all the circle punches and, circle dies that 

I have that I would have had one that would be the same size as these buttons. 

No such luck, and I had to fussy cut them out. Now I really don't mind the cutting....

it's the principle. It is like making a card and not having a ribbon to match, and I have

ribbon as far as the eye can see. Okay I'll get off my soap box now, and get back to crafting.

Thanks for lending an ear to my rant.
Stamping trails 

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