Saturday, August 13, 2016

New Trash Bag

When my friend Kat was here we

took a trip to Jo Ann Fabrics where I found

this cute little bag. 

Its a bit smaller than the standard size reusable bags that you 

can buy in the grocery store. At first I was going

to leave it in the car so I could reuse it when I went to the craft stores, but

then I decided that I wanted to see it everyday, so I turned it

into a waste container for the stamping studio. Just lined it with 

a plastic bag. 

I may have to buy another one to leave in the car for those shopping emergency's.

Speaking of reusable bags....

I got this Cleveland bag for Kat. Thought she might need

a bag to hold her Pat Catan goodies. Since she has visited me several times I thought

she needed a Cleveland bag.

Stamping trails

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