Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tales from the Garden

So remember the mystery plant that sprouted 

up in our garden? 

Well turns out its not a watermelon plant like

I thought. Its a butternut squash, and its taking over the yard!

It grew out of the fenced in garden and is 

now up to the back deck. 

My friend Kat said its going to start growing over the house next! 

Speaking of Kat....she dropped by and stayed a few days with us. 

She left the other day and I miss her already! She's off to visit her mom. 

Here she is with Skip helping to pick tomatoes. Don't they look

like happy farmers! 

Gotta love the matching hats. 

We got some much needed rain last night. 

We also had a pretty great thunder storm. Glad it rained as

the garden really needed it. 

Stamping trails

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