Wednesday, August 31, 2016

State Swap from Kay

I got some goodies in the mail from Kay Hadley. 

She got my name for the VC Rockers state swap, and

I'm so glad she did. 

Love the plastic frame note holder. The saying on it fits me

(and a lot of other crafter's I know who shall remain nameless, but

you know who you are!). I could shop everyday for the rest of my life and 

still find some crafty thing to buy! 

The card is just beautiful! Love the fun fold cards! 

Yum caramel pecans. 

And to my friends down in TX (I have quite of few of them)

Do you think I can grow the bluebonnets here with these seeds?

I might try to next spring. 

Oh and the peppermint oats soap smells so good! 

Kay also made me a mini legal pad holder. I had to laugh as

I've been making them like crazy for friends and people I've been 

swapping with, but I didn't make myself one. So thanks Kay!

Kay also shared a giggle....she got the idea for the mini legal pad from my blog! 

Small world, and thanks for reading my blog! 
I've been sharing some of the stuff I made Carolyn for the 

state swap. She posted a pic of everything, so I thought I'd

share that here too. 

Stamping trails

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