Sunday, December 24, 2017

Malley's, Spring Snowman, and Snow

Happy Christmas Eve to all! 

Remember that walk me and hubby took the other day in the 

rain? Well we did walk to Malley's Chocolate store, but
I forgot to show you photos of the haul. 
Hubby said I made out better than he did. Was there ever any doubt?
I got a box of dark chocolate covered pretzels, and a box

of dark chocolate soft centers. Skip got something also...

two bags of Malley's chocolate mini Santas 

Big thanks to my friends Lisa and Connie for sending

me this cute snowman they made. His body is a vintage bed spring. 

How cool is that! Perfect since it snowed here yesterday. We didn't

get a lot but it sure did make the trees look pretty. 

Here is a photo of our pine tree in the backyard. 

There is more snow on the way, so yay we get a white Christmas this year! 

Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas. Enjoy being with family, and friends. 

Treasure them all! 
Happy birthday to my dear mom in law Kate up in Heaven. She would 
have been 84 today. Miss you!!!!!

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