Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Things, and Broken Thing

Okay going to start with the new things. 

This is a rolling cart by Recollections. Picked it up at

Michael's using a gift card that Sarah got me for Christmas. 

Using it to store the Big Shot, and misc supplies. 

I had to move some of the stuff I normally keep on my desk because.....

Dear hubby got me a Gemini electric die cutting machine for Christmas. 

So happy with it, but it weighs 15 pounds so it has to sit on my desk as

I'm not strong enough to move it from the shelve to the desk. The 

reason I wanted one is because turning the crank on the big shot was hurting

my neck and shoulder. I'm still keeping the big shot as the Gemini will

not accept the large foam mounted dies, and there are several of them

that I use and still want to keep. 

And now for the broken. One of the hanging shoe organizer that I keep

my punches in broke from the weight, and hit the floor. I wasn't in the room at the time. 

So now I have to get another shoe organizer, or find a different place to store them. 

Lets face it....I really need a bigger craft room. This one is bursting at the seams, and just

between you and me I'm not going to stop buying craft stuff! LOL 

Stamping trails

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