Sunday, December 17, 2017

Reindeer Teapot Card, and Frozen Lake

Well I got a nice surprise in my mailbox yesterday. 

My crafty buddy Kathleen sent me two Christmas cards she made. 

I just love the reindeer teapot! How fun is that! 

Not only are the flowers on this card all glittery they are also

puffy. She used glitter fun foam that she got at the kid section of 


Thanks Kathleen! 

Me and hubby went hiking yesterday afternoon at Brunswick Lake. 

The lake as you can see is freezing over. 

Leaves are trapped in the ice. 

We had two days worth of snow. Thankfully yesterday was warmer so

the snow started melting. Going to be in the 40's today also. 

Looking forward to baking cookies all day with friends and family.

I'm sure I'll have photos to post later about the day. 

Stamping trails

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