Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bunny Frame Art, and Other Things

A bunny frame art I made for the holiday a few years ago.
I have it displayed on a wall in the kitchen. 
We got a foot of snow the other night. Winter isn't finished yet. 

This was after hubby ran the snow blower on the deck. 

My Christmas cactus is ready for Easter. This plant blooms

for every holiday except Christmas! But since the plant is 23 years old

I'm going to give it a break, at least it hasn't died on me. 
This mum Sarah gave to me on my birthday last September. I'm
trying to winter it over so I can plant it outside. I did a close up shot
you can see it has a flower bud on it. 
and Julie sent me an Julie Nutting Easter Memorydex card. Now doesn't 

that just say Spring! 

Stamping trails

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