Friday, March 16, 2018

Bunny Tail Punch Art for Easter

Happy bunny tails! 

I started making the bunny tail favors, then decided I needed a little

basket to put them in. 

Originally I was only going to make white bunnies, and

fill the bags with white candy.  I found that I was having a problem

finding white candy to put in the bags for the tails.

Do you remember the candy called Sixlets? Well I found

bags of them with multi candy colors in the them. 

So I spent yesterday morning opening up those little packs, and sorting them

by color. Made the bunnies to match. Above we have pink.

we also have yellow. 


purple (my favorite one)

and white. The white one has Cadbury mini eggs, but when

I opened that pack it only had 3 white eggs. Oh bother!!!!! 

I think these are so cute! 

Here is a side view of the basket. It was made using a 9x9 piece of 

cardstock. Pretty easy to make. The bunnies are made with different punches. 

I think I'm done making favors for the week. I have one more circling around in my

head, and I may get that one done this weekend. 

Bunny tails!!!!! 

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