Saturday, March 24, 2018

Flower Jar Card

I got some new toys. 

Stamps are by Tim Holtz; set called Flower Jar. 

Of course I had to get the matching framelits too. 

Didn't use them for this card. This is all done with

stamps, ink, Prisma pencils, and simple masking. 

Here is what not to do.....

First I stamped the jar on the left. Covered it with 

a mask then stamped the center jar. Last I inked up 

the small jar and stamped it. Okay so far, but

then I wanted to mask the lid so I could stamp the

flowers, and they would look like they were in the jar. I should

have cut off the back part of the lid. I tried adding the stems with

marker, but it didn't look right.

You can see from this photo that after I trimmed the lid, and

stamped it looked right. 

The rest was done with coloring.

When I did the table I was remembering the art teacher I had in 4th grade. 

I did a still life fruit basket, and while the basket of fruit looked okay the

line I had made on the table was really crooked. She told me there was no

call for that. Just turn up the edge of the paper and draw the line. Well I didn't

do that on the card, but I did use a piece of scrape paper to add the table line. 

The things you remember, and take to heart that you learn in school. You just

never know when one of those memories will find it's way back in your mind.

Straight trails

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